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Do you have a tree problem? We're here to help. At Bloom Tree Service, we use safe tools and methods to look after your trees without harming your property.


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Franklin Tree Care Services

Living in Franklin means enjoying the beauty of nature, especially the magnificent trees that line our streets and homes. These trees don’t just add beauty; they tell stories of the town’s history and growth. 


At Bloom Tree Services, we recognize the importance of these green giants. Our tree care services in Franklin are designed to ensure our trees remain strong, healthy, and vibrant. They need regular check-ups, just like we do. They may need a trim to remove dead branches, or they may be fighting off pests or diseases. 


Whatever the challenge, we’re here to assist. Our dedicated team is trained to handle everything from routine maintenance to more intricate tree health issues.

Franklin’s unique climate and soil conditions require specific care, and our local expertise ensures that your trees get the best treatment tailored to their needs. 


With Bloom Tree Services by your side, you can be sure your trees are in safe, caring hands, ensuring they continue to grace our beautiful city for years.

Trimming and pruning of trees

Comprehensive Tree Services in Franklin

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Tree Removal

At Bloom Tree Services, we understand the value of trees in our surroundings. They offer beauty, shade, and fresh air. However, just like anything in life, there are moments when they might pose risks or stand in the way of progress. Maybe they’ve grown too close to a house or are sick. 


 In such times, removing them becomes a tough but necessary choice. When that time comes, we’re here to help, ensuring the process is smooth, safe, and professional.

Landscaping Services in Franklin

Whether you want to transform your garden into a peaceful oasis or design a welcoming entrance to your business, our landscaping services are tailored to meet your vision. Our team understands the Franklin terrain and climate, ensuring each landscaping project looks stunning and thrives in our environment. From lawn care to garden design and hardscaping, we take pride in making Franklin a little greener, one landscape at a time.

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They removed three tress that were dangerously close to our home... We highly recommend their service.

T. Bynum Nashville TN. 8/5/2018

Zack and his crew flexible with our schedule. They showed up right on time... very polite and professional.

C. Carter Brentwood, TN. 3/12/2018

Our yard was a disaster... Franklin's experts transformed it into an oasis.

W. Timmons Brentwood, TN. 5/2/2018