Standing Out Among Tree Service Companies

Bloom Tree Services, one of the leading tree service companies, began with a profound love for trees. Over the years, our team has expanded, and from just a handful of individuals, we’ve established ourselves as a prominent name in tree care throughout Franklin, Nashville, TN. Our success is rooted in prioritizing our clients and our genuine passion for our work.



My grandfather valued honest business and a job well done. His influence and values have become the foundation of our business. - Zack Poteet.



Our mission is to provide the highest standard of tree service found anywhere.

Serving All Clients

We work with everyone, whether you’re a person wanting a prettier backyard or a business wanting a nice-looking property. We know each has different needs, and we’re here to meet them. We always work safely and professionally.

Our Team

Our team is the heart of Bloom Tree Services. Each person is skilled and loves what they do. They bring their knowledge and passion to every job, making sure trees get the best care.

Training and Specialization

Our team members are well-trained. They keep learning about the latest ways to care for trees. Plus, they know a lot about the special conditions in Franklin, like the type of soil and weather, which helps them take better care of trees.

Why Hire Us?

Dedication to Satisfaction

We always want our customers to be happy. From the first time we talk to when the job is done, we work hard to make sure you’re satisfied.

Safety First

We know your property is important to you. That’s why we’re very careful when we work. We make sure to keep everything safe and undamaged.

Our Tools and Techniques

We use the best tools and methods to do our job. This means we can work efficiently and make sure the results are great.

Looking Ahead

Vision for the Future

We dream of a future where Franklin & Nashville are even greener and more beautiful. We want to be leaders in taking care of trees in good ways for nature and the city. We’re excited to grow and change with our community.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for new things from Bloom Tree Services! We’re always thinking of better ways to serve you.

Get in Touch

If you have questions or need our help, please reach out. Our friendly team is always ready to help and answer any questions.

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What We Do